The TANGIBLE results:

- Five studies on Neuroscience applied to higher education.
- Study to identify training needs.
- Good practice guide.
- Innovative training methodology.
- Pilot training course.
- Online platform.
- A community of higher education lecturers.
- Project website.
- Four transnational meetings.
- Five multiplier events.


The NON TANGIBLE results:

- Development of neuroscience-based teaching competences for higher education.
- Development of an European higher education system including neuroscience in the classroom.
- Promote a more comprehensive and content-rich education based on neuroscience.
- Recognition and enhancement of teachers and trainers involved in the project as drivers of a novel educational system.
- Promoting innovation in European universities in the face of the new demands that students face when they enter the labour market.
- Promoting unity and communication within the teachers and trainers of the higher education system in Europe to enable it to lead as an educational model.